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A family vacation like no other

As a family-owned company, no one understands families better than MSC. And no one does more to help you and your loved ones enjoy every moment, both together and individually on board and ashore. Just look and see!

• Kids travel free with MSC! Each child up to the age of eleven who shares a stateroom with their parents travels free of charge. So you can all enjoy a carefree voyage, exploring the most beautiful places on earth from the sea.

• All the luxury resort leisure facilities on board are included free of charge in your cruise, from the Aqua Park, Swimming Pools and Water Slide to the Virtual World Games, 4D Cinema and top game consoles (PS3, Xbox and Wii). So your kids and teens can do just as they like without a second thought.

• Your children are always made to feel special with MSC, receiving a dedicated welcome from the Kids Corner in the port terminal onwards. Security bracelets are issued when you board, while beepers or DECT phones can be hired for a modest charge so you can keep in touch at all times.

• We provide a varied program of whole-family and supervised activities, entertainment and social events tailor-made for four separate age groups in their own clubs. And they’re all free, too!

• Innovative activities like Fun Time Dinner, Happy Dinners and Kids Around the Clock let everyone in the family do things their own way - even at mealtimes, late at night and during shore excursions. So your children are free to explore a social life of their own, meeting new friends from around the world in a safe environment, immersed in a vacation they’ll never forget. And the grown-ups gain equally special free moments, relaxed in the knowledge that the kids are cared for and enjoying the time of their lives. Read on for full details!

Precious times with the youngest ones

Baby Time brings kids under 3 and their parents special playtimes in the Miniclub:

• Exploring a superb array of stimulating toys together, including a complete collection from the world-leading Chicco range

• Sharing treasured moments while the little ones participate in specially designed games and activities led by the entertainment staff

Baby Time hours* in the Miniclub are:

In Port

At Sea 

*Times may vary by ship or itinerary

Kids & Juniors live it up big time

Every young one is a member of the crew in DOREMILAND, with two special clubs, the Miniclub for Sailors 3-6 years old and the Juniors Club for Pirates aged 7-11. Both clubs are centred on the designer-themed facilities of a dedicated Miniclub on board, staffed by professional entertainers who leave your children free to explore and socialize under their expert supervision, while also offering a wide range of stimulating and exciting activities:

• Arts & Crafts
• Group games and activities
• Sports
• Tech games, including PlayStation, Xbox and Wii
• Dance classes and performances

Opening hours*:

Non-stop in port
• 09:00a.m-11:00p.m 

At sea
• 09:00a.m-1:00p.m
• 2:30p.m-5:00p.m and 6:00p.m-11:00p.m

*Times may vary by ship or itinerary

Special Kids & Juniors Services to transform your cruise:

• Dedicated children’s menus in all restaurants
• Fun Time Dinners - Kids dinners with the entertainment staff every day in the buffet restaurant. Let your children be entertained while you savour special moments of your own (Free service)
• Happy Dinners - A snappy children’s dinner with the family while the grown-ups enjoy their starters. The kids are then escorted to Miniclub play by the entertainment staff while the adults sit back and relax into a leisurely dining experience (Free service)
• Kids Around The Clock - Supervised late-night play and napping while parents play their own way (Small charge applies)
• Family Excursions - Excursions for all the family, supported by the entertainment staff so that everyone’s happy at all times, doing what interests them most

Young clubs that aren't kids play

MSC doesn't treat youngsters and teens like kids. And we don't lump you together either. We give you a place of your own with fantastic supervised facilities where you can meet up and do your own thing. And we treat you like the young adults you are with a massive choice of activities to help make new friends and join them in the independent vacation you deserve.

Young Club (12-14 years old) opening hours* with Youth Team service:

• 10:00a.m-11:30a.m
• 3.00p.m-4:30p.m
• 9:00p.m-11:00p.m

Teens Club (15-17 years old) opening hours* with Teen Entertainer service:

• 11:30a.m- 1:00p.m
• 4:30p.m-6:00p.m
• 7:00p.m-12:00a.m

*Times may vary by ship or itinerary

All-New Separate Daily Activities for Young Club and Teens Club:

• Sports & tournaments, including football, basketball, dodgeball, minigolf, shuffleboard and table soccer across the fleet
Dance contest
Social network games
Wii/Xbox/PS3 games and challenges
Teenage Kicks Spa Hair and Beauty Treatments in MSC Aurea Spa (ages 13-17)

All-New Night Activities

Radio MSC Generation with nightly video and music requests
MSC Generation Live with Pop Star 2014, iPop Competition, Teen Movie Trivia, Boys Generation, Girls generation, Kool Karaoke, Just Dance live and more!

All-New Weekly Teens Events

• Teens White Party
• MSC Flashmob
• Hey Mr DJ!
• MSC Generation Awards teens talent show
• The Prom teens formal night
• Generation Dinner
• Generation Pool Game
• Generation Chef
• Twisted Scavenger Hunt

The DOREMI Family - All for one and one for all!

Each ship in our fleet offers a varied program of bubbly family activities in which the children are the focus of attention, but their parents can join in too, creating special occasions for all.

Everything is done under the friendly eye of our loveable DOREMI mascot and his very own family - sister Mila, brother Dorebro and their baby brother Dorebaby.

Learn their Doremi Dance song in six languages, recorded by the Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano children’s choir and join them in:

• Doremi Chef Cookery Classes
• Team-based Talent Shows (Doremi Live)
• A fun-filled Doremix Family Disco
• Fairy Tale Time
• A razzmatazz Pool Parade 
• A Production Show alongside professional dancers and artists
• A Kids Costume Parade in the ship’s theatre

Voyage with MSC and live a myriad of magical moments, with everyone a member of the DOREMI Family in DOREMILAND on board! There’s even a Meet & Greet with the Mascot and photo shoot so you can capture unforgettable memories of your family sea adventure.

A floating wonderland to explore

These fantastic facilities and services for children, youngsters and teens - including all the top game consoles - are only half the reason why an MSC cruise is their favorite vacation. Because they’re also immersed in the fabulous floating world of ultramodern entertainment that makes every MSC voyage an unforgettable experience for all the family, including:

• 4D Cinema
• Formula 1 racing car simulator
• Aqua Park
• Vertigo - the longest single-rider water slide on the seas (MSC Divina & MSC Preziosa)
• Kids and Family Pools
• Virtual World Games Arcade
• Mini Bowling

Everyone gets their own way with MSC. For a family vacation like no other….