MSC Preziosa - Signature Treatments

Exclusive precious treatments

MSC Aurea Spa boasts a new and sophisticated array of beauty treatments inspired by precious minerals.

Facial Treatments

Preziosa anti-age facial (plumping and remodeling): hematite-based treatment which stimulates the production of collagen and produces a plumping wrinkle-filling effect.(Duration 60 min)

Preziosa purifying and anti-stress facial: rodochrosite-based treatment created for its purification capacities and for regulating emotions and relieving anxiety.(Duration 60 min)

Body Tratments

Aroma Balneo cell & relax: salt clay whirlpool bath made ​​from sea salt grains, vegetable extracts, active ingredients and essential oils. Perfect for combatting cellulite, it gives softness, purity and brightness. (Duration  30 mins)

Ultimate dry & wet aroma cell: firming, moisturizing and protective clay body mask, with toning effects. Increases tissue oxygenation, and make more effective the next salt clay whirlpool bath. Great to combat the first visible signs of cellulite, gives back to the skin softness and brightness. (Duration 60 mins)

Preziosa body protection and anti-aging: malachite-based treatment based on the malachite mineral, known for its protective and anti-aging capacities. A true shield of defense against pollution, with a good detoxifying effect. Particularly recommended in cases of exposure to sun and salt. It includes a body scrub, a mask and a massage with malachite body cream. (Duration 60 mins)

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