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Whenever the moment, whatever your needs, you’re never far from your world with MSC. You can still connect to the net on the open seas, emailing family, friends and colleagues, printing out documents or photos, and surfing over to your favorite social networking sites. Staying in the loop - whether for business or pleasure - you’ll find that keeping connected is part of the pleasure of getting away.

Living your online passions at sea is easy with MSC!
Surf the Internet on board just as you do ashore with a choice of money-saving MSC Internet packages for Wi-Fi in all the ship’s public areas and Wi-Fi or Wired in the privacy of your stateroom (depending on your choice of ship and stateroom). Alternatively, treat yourself to the facilities of the onboard Internet Café with its full-size screens and keyboards, complimented by quality printers. Our online services are available around the clock and even the Internet Café is open 24 hours a day. Because we know the Net never sleeps!

MSC uses sophisticated satellite systems to bring you a great Internet experience at sea, relaying the data from many thousands of miles above the earth to reach you on board. But this also means performance can’t be the same as a broadband connection at home. It’s just like the time lag in conversations with space station astronauts far from home.

Full information and instructions are available from Reception - Guest Services to help you get on-line immediately. Enjoy your astrosurfing!

Getting connected

The ships in the MSC fleet offer a range of options for you to connect to the Internet.
We’ve detailed them here so you can plan everything to perfection before you go.

MSC Preziosa,MSC Divina:
Wi-Fi Internet in all staterooms and in the ship’s public areas.

MSC Splendida,MSC Fantasia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Poesia,MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica :
Wi-Fi and Wired Internet in all staterooms and Wi-Fi in the ship’s public areas.

MSC Opera,MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia, MSC Lirica:
Wired internet in staterooms on balcony decks 9, 10 & 12, and Wi-Fi in the ship’s public lounges and pool areas.

If you need but don’t own an Ethernet cable for wired internet connection, Reception - Guest Services will be delighted to provide you with a complimentary cable upon payment of a small deposit.
We make it easy to get connected on board!

Clearly and simply a pleasure
MSC makes every aspect of your surfing a pleasure with clear and simple pricing of all our Internet services. There are no Activation fees when you first log in and full details of our prices are displayed in the Internet Café as well as on-screen when you connect to the ship’s network. Once you’ve paid for an MSC Internet Package, any unused minutes cannot be refunded, but you can add to it purchasing combinations of as many different packages as you please, designed to offer lower per-minute rates for frequent users. All our Internet charges will be billed to your itemized onboard account, so you always know exactly where you are, wherever your surfing’s taken you.
Happy voyaging online!

MSC makes getting online a breeze. So you can savor life on the net with the wind in your sails.