South Africa

Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is perhaps one of the most stunning countries in the world, with world-class wildlife, the dramatic panorama of Table Mountains, quality beaches and dynamic, cosmopolitan cities, together with people that are now residing in harmony after years of discriminatory rule.

Today, travellers to Africa are drawn to its diverse landscapes, which include the snowy Drakensberg mountains (where skiing is possible) to the Karoo semidesert.

The climate here is just as varied, from the desert heat of the Namib region to the tropical temperatures of the east coast towards Mozambique. The far south has a climate similar to the Mediterranean, which is what cruise passengers will find when travelling on our South African cruise itinerary to Cape Town which is also the region where the famous vineyards flourish. English is spoken here, and as soon as you set eyes on the beautiful scenery that acts as a backdrop to Cape Town, you will be eager to come ashore.

Cape Town, like the rest of the country, has something for everyone. Choose from our program of activities in our excursion packages to help you plan your ideal day trip.

Enjoy the best deals on attractions such as a cable ride to the top of Table Mountain or a wine tasting trip into the vineyards. Indulge in world-class shopping and stop for refreshments, sampling local dishes such as biltong, sausage and ostrich steak.



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Durban is South Africa’s leading beach resort with ideal year-round beach weather and a relaxed atmosphere.
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