One of the high points of your holiday on MSC Cruises luxury South Africa cruise is, undoubtedly, when your stunning ship pulls into the diverse and beautiful city of Durban.

South Africa’s leading beach resort with a relaxed atmosphere

One of the high points of your vacation on MSC Cruises luxury South Africa cruise is, undoubtedly, when your stunning ship pulls into the diverse and beautiful city of Durban. Seen from the vantage of your MSC liner, Durban’s majestic skyline soars above this bustling port and the sweeping sandy beaches below.

MSC Cruises offer some of the best cruise vacation deals around and your shore excursion to Durban tops off our South Africa cruise package with an exciting day out on shore.

A unique holiday destination, Durban is situated in the KwaZulu Province of South Africa and is the second largest city in South Africa.

Founded by British settlers in 1835, the city was named after Sir Benjamin Durban, then governor of Cape Town. Locally known as Thekwini, Durban is South Africa’s leading beach resort with ideal year-round beach weather and a relaxed atmosphere. Located along Africa’s southernmost tip, Durban has an extraordinary ambiance and is known as Africa’s ‘busiest and best-managed port’.

Durbanites truly regard their city as cosmopolitan: a melting pot of cultures, religions and history that has given rise to an extraordinarily rich and appealing destination. Durban is a great place to play, shop, experience nightlife and relax on one of the city’s award-winning beaches.

The city’s multi-ethnic character makes it the perfect place to experience the delights of African and Indian cuisine.

This holiday oasis offers everything from upmarket shopping malls, traditional arts and crafts, sports, swimming, nature and the arts – with truly something for everyone.
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Durban is characterised by a mild subtropical climate with warm wet summers and mild moist to dry winters, which are frost-free. However, due to large altitude variations, some western suburbs get slightly chilly in the winter. Durban has an annual rainfall of 1,009 millimetres.

The average annual temperature is 21°C, with daytime maxima peaking from January to March at 28°C and the minimum is 21°C, dropping to daytime highs from June to August of 23°C and the minimum is 11°C. Sunrise in Durban is at 04h45 and sunset is 19h00 in summer & rise at 06h30 and set at 17h20 in winter. The metropolitan area is topographically hilly, with very few flat areas, except in the immediate vicinity of the central business district and the harbour.

The western suburbs off Hillcrest and Kloof are significantly higher above sea-level, reaching up to 850 metres in the community of Botha's Hill. Many gorges and ravines are found within the metropolitan area. There is almost no true coastal plain.

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