The wild and beautiful island of Madagascar, now made better known thanks to the popular animated film of the same name, is a lush tropical island in the Indian Ocean, located off the south-east coast of Africa.

Slightly larger than France, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has an incredibly diverse mix of flora and fauna; 200,000 species of the world's plant and animal species live here including 90% of the world’s the lemur monkeys.

Madagascar is made up of rainforest and lakes as welll as high, barren plateaus with exposed red soil. The weather is hot and rainy from November to April, and cooler and dry from May to October.

Architecture on the island is more akin to Southeast Asian styles than European or African; houses are wooden with peaked rooves, rather than circular, as in neighbouring Africa. The cuisine, too, is a fusion of European, Asian and African influences, with rice forming a key part of all dishes.

MSC cruise ships travel to exotic Madagascar and the nearby island of Nosy Be during our South African cruise itineraries. Whatever your taste, you will find an exciting array of excursion packages to suit you on this fantastic island from animal watching and nature trekking, snorkelling and diving, exploring the beaches and whale watching on the east coast, not to mention numerous opportunities for amateur photographers.

Be sure to step ashore and look forward to experiencing one of the world’s most

memorable islands.



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