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Cruise in style and comfort as you bask in the year-round sunshine of the Red Sea Riviera with MSC Cruises

For a cruise holiday of truly biblical proportions, there can be no better destination than the Red Sea – on board one of MSC Cruises’ luxury liners.

Leave your cares behind you as you step on board one of our sumptuously appointed cruise ships and let us take you to the year-round sunshine and warm waters of the Southern Sea, whose extensive coastline also passes through Egypt and Israel.

Thanks to a whole host of attractive beach resorts such as Eilat in the south of Israel or Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt as well as a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere, this region is highly popular for vacations that cater to a large variety of tastes. Whether you fancy relaxing on the beautiful beaches, going for a refreshing dip in the azure water, exploring the wonderfully scenic desert hinterland or prefer to engage in more adventurous water sports such as kite surfing, you will find the Red Sea has it all. Thanks to its amazingly rich marine wildlife, including a 2,000 km stretch of coral reefs, the Red Sea is also an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Best of all, you can enjoy your Southern Sea experience from the first-class comfort of one of MSC Cruises’ stylish cruise ships. Reward yourself with one of your best holidays ever and let MSC Cruises take you to the destination of your dreams.



Cruise to Egypt - Red Sea - Sharm el Sheikh - MSC Cruises
Discover the Red Sea Riviera and Sharm el-Sheikh on a cruise vacation with MSC Cruises...
Cruise to Egypt - Red Sea - Eilat - MSC Cruises
Eilat is the country’s premiere beach resort with many attractions that are sure to keep you entertained.

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