United Kingdom

For such a tiny country, the United Kingdom has had and continues to have a huge influence over global culture, with musicians, footballers, artists and fashion designers exporting their unique brand of British-ness all over the world.

If modern Britain is diverse, exciting and multicultural, the history of this isle is equally thrilling and rich. MSC Cruises appreciates the diversity of this small island and our cruise liners call at various destinations around the UK during our Northern European cruise vacations.

Choose from Southampton, Dover and Tilbury to Edinburgh and Lerwick on the Shetland Islands. In the south you can explore the verdant hills and ‘downs’ in the ‘Garden of England’, the cathedrals of Winchester and Salisbury, the historic dockyards of Portsmouth or the exhilarating, historic capital of London. Cruise up the coast via the North Sea to reach Leith, an attractive port town and on to Edinburgh castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen of England's Scottish residence. A different experience altogether awaits in the folkloric islands of Shetland, where the Norwegian influences are surprisingly evident and you can visit Iron Age settlements and croft museums.

Our excursion packages for the UK are as diverse as the country itself and each destination brings its own set of activity packages and great deals. Even if the British weather is no match for the climes of the Caribbean, authentic fish and chips by the seaside and a tour of some of England’s greatest stately homes will more than make up for any grey skies!



Cruise to Dover - UK - Northen Europe - MSC Cruises
The holiday town of Dover in England is not only famous for its white cliffs, but for being home to Dover Castle, Britain’s oldest building.
Cruise to Lerwick - UK - Northen Europe - MSC Cruises
Lerwick is a wonderful stopover during your MSC cruise vacation for everyone from families and walkers to nature-lovers and history buffs.