Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is like no other of the world’s major cities.

Rises gracefully from water so clean that you can go swimming in the very heart of the city

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is like no other of the world’s major cities.

Stockholm rises gracefully from water so clean that you can go swimming in the very heart of the city and fishermen haul in their catch just off Drottninggatan, the equivalent of London’s Oxford Street.

Perched on 14 islands at the point where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is a breathtaking beauty. With twinkling, panoramic vistas greeting you around every corner this truly is one destination that really is worth leaving your luxury MSC Cruise ship!

With a fun and action-packed selection of excursion packages, you can choose from different itineraries that provide you great deals on all the local sights and which will help you quickly get a feel for this magical city.

Stockholm merits a whole holiday in itself but you can make the most of your vacation here by joining our city tour – you’ll be guided round the key attractions including the historic centre, the Baroque-style Royal Palace and a chance to take some snaps from a panoramic view point.

Stockholm, the ‘Venice of the North’ is also conducive to tours along its picturesque canals – a relaxed way to view the city from a unique vantage point. Alternatively, why not leave the ship for a day that combines a guided tour with time on your own to lunch and soak up the atmosphere of this Swedish gem.

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When cruising from the Port of Stockholm, your ship will be docked in one of 3 locations. Generally MSC ships will dock at Stadsgarden pier in one of the canals about a mile or so from Old Town. Sometimes ships can dock right at Old Town at the pier called Skeppsbron, and when traffic is heavy ships can dock in the commercial harbor some three to four miles from downtown Stockholm. Transportation options are abundant throughout the city and most natives will tell you that walking through the city is by far the best way to see all of the beautiful attractions.

Port average temperature

Stockholm has a humid continental climate or maritime. Due to the city's high northerly latitude, daylight varies widely from more than 18 hours around midsummer, to only around 6 hours in late December. Despite its location, Stockholm has relatively mild temperatures.

The city enjoys 1,981 hours of sunshine annually. Summers are warm and pleasant with average daytime high temperatures of 20–22 °C and lows of around 13 °C, but temperatures frequently exceed 25 °C. Winters are cold with average temperatures ranging from −5 to 1 °C, and rarely drop below −15 °C. Spring and autumn are generally cool to mild.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Stockholm was 36 °C, the lowest was −32 °C. Annual precipitation is 539 mm with around 170 wet days and light to moderate rainfall throughout the year. Snow mainly occurs from December through March

The temperate figures shown are based on monthly average weather conditions for the selected port. Weather data is not real-time, and sometimes no data is shown for a specific date, month or port in general.

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Average low °C-5-6-3---59121173----5
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