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Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and the capital of the Catalonia region.

A wonderfully vibrant city and a cultural and artistic centre

Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and the capital of the Catalonia region. Lying along the Mediterranean coast , Barcelona is the leading industrial and financial centre of Spain as well as its main trade and tourist port.

To the northwest, a set of hills run parallel to the coast and in the southwest, the old town lies along the port divided by attractive tree-lined boulevards known as Las Ramblas.

Barcelona is a wonderfully vibrant city and, having been a cultural and artistic centre since the Middle Ages, really makes for a fantastic day away from your luxury cruise liner. With so much to see and do you are guaranteed to have a memorable day off ship.

MSC excursion packages take in the best that this city has to offer and we bring you, as always, great deals on sights and attractions. Among the most famous of these is Gaudi’s theatrical and undulating building, the Casa Battlo, which children are sure to find fascinating thanks to its marvellous twisted shapes and shimmering colors. Not to be missed is the towering Sagrada Familia church located in the medieval quarter of the city.

More athletic guests may like to take the opportunity during their cruise vacation to try something new and join us on the Barcelona bike tour – a novel way to explore the city.

However, we recommend to all visitors that they sample Barcelona’s tapas and local Catalan cuisine, as we know that vacations are made memorable by great meals, too!

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The Barcelona cruise port is the gateway for over 1.2 million cruise passengers every year. The Barcelona cruise port is at Port Vell in Barcelona which is at the Southern most end of the famous Ramblas. The seaport terminal is only 10 minute walk from las Ramblas. The cruise port is the starting and arrival point for many Mediterranean cruise itineraries. The seven operating terminals, and the various docks and facilities, are a short distance from the city centre and have efficient connections, including access to the railway stations and airport. Cruise Port Address: Sector C, Calle 5, ALm. C-1; Consorcio Zona Franca; Zone Franca Aduanera

Port average temperature

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. Barcelona is located on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, so Atlantic west winds often arrive in Barcelona with low humidity, producing no rain.

The proximity of the Atlantic, its latitude, and the relief, are the reasons why the summers are not as dry as in most other Mediterranean Basin locations. Lows can easily affect the area of Barcelona, causing storms, particularly in August. Some years, the beginning of June is still cool and rainy, like April and May. Together with August, September, October and November these months are the wettest of the year. The driest are February, March, June and July. As in many parts of Catalonia, the annual weather pattern varies greatly from year to year.

The temperate figures shown are based on monthly average weather conditions for the selected port. Weather data is not real-time, and sometimes no data is shown for a specific date, month or port in general.

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