Located at the foot of southwest Europe, this Mediterranean country has the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and the country of Spain in the north and east.

A member of the European Union, the currency in Portugal is the euro, and the official language Portuguese, although English is largely understood.

Portugal is a poetic country, a land of explorers and musicians, home to the elegant capital of Lisbon (Lisboa), to hugely popular vacation resorts in the south (the Algarve) and fabulous cuisine all across the country!

The soulful, haunting sounds of Fado folk music are often heard in Portugal, and these guitar-based songs tell tales of the sea and of former harsh times. With MSC Cruises, travellers can cruise to the fascinating capital of Lisbon, from where many intrepid Portuguese seafaring explorers set sail (join our day trip package to Lisbon’s area of Belém and visit the Monument to the Discoveries).

Portugal’s warm climate provides ideal temperatures for wine-making and the fortified Port wine originates from here. Portugal is divided into three distinct regions; continental Portugal, the Azores islands and the archipelago of the Madeira island.

In addition to Lisbon, MSC cruise ships call at Funchal the capital of Madeira Island, which is characterized by abundant flowers, a pretty natural harbor and quaint villages. If you’re stocking up on wines, you can add Madeira wine to your collection, as well as Porto!



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