Poland is part of the European Union and shares borders on three sides with a number of countries including Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania.

Part of the country lies along the Baltic coast, an attractive stretch of coastline on the Baltic Sea. Poland ranks as the eighth largest country in Europe, just slightly larger than Italy. The climate here is temperate, with gentle warm summers contrasted with cold, dry winters.

The country’s capital, Krakow (pronounced ‘Krack –off’) is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, and travellers will find that their Euros stretch quite far here, adding to the pleasure of shopping, eating and drinking! Poland makes for a fantastic holiday destination with a wide variety of activities on offer – in fact, it is the 14th most visited city in the world.

MSC cruise liners call at a number of Polish destinations. Leave your ship and come ashore at Gdansk or Gdynia, attractive, historic ports that are also well positioned for visiting neighbouring Germany. MSC offers a range of excursion packages for destinations in Poland, designed to provide the best deals on sightseeing and attractions, and tailored to suit all kinds of activities and ages!



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