The city and port of Molde in the region of Romsdal, Norway, has long been a popular holiday destination for tourists.

A fascinating port nestled between the Romsdal Mountains and southern Norway’s coastline

The city and port of Molde in the region of Romsdal, Norway, has long been a popular holiday destination for tourists.

Nestled between the Romsdal Mountains and southern Norway’s coastline, Molde is known as the ‘Town of Roses’ due to the number of large gardens and flowers that adorn the city’s predominantly wooden architecture.

Every July, Molde plays host to the oldest international jazz festival in Europe, which has welcomed such music legends such as Miles Davis, BB King and Ray Charles. This cultural hub is also home to Norway’s oldest literary festival, created by the poet Knut Ødegård. Many of the country’s great writers spent time in Molde, including Henrik Ibsen, and culture-buffs will be tempted off the ship to experience Molde’s cultural heritage for themselves.

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Not far from Molde is the Løvikremma Coastal Farm, ideal for families with young children, who will love the goats, horses, sheep, hens and other farm animals, whilst adults can sample local refreshments. Another great day out is in the Romsdal Museum, Norway’s largest folk museum with 50 traditional buildings and streets in a reconstruction of life in times gone by.

Molde is one of Norway’s gems and a must-see destination during your Northern European cruise vacation.

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The port is within walking distance of town.

Port average temperature

Molde has a maritime, temperate climate, with cool-to-warm summers, and relatively mild winters. The annual precipitation is relatively high, with an average of 1640 mm per year. The warmest season is late summer. Molde holds the national high for the month of October, with 25.6 °C (on 11 October 2005). The driest season is May-June. Due to its geographic location, Molde experiences frequent in winter, but this snow is usually wet as the winters are usually mild.

A natural phenomenon occurring in Molde and the adjacent district, are frequent winter days with temperatures above 10 °C, sometimes even above 15 °C. This is due to foehn wind from south and south-east. Combined with a steady influx of warm, moist south-westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean, warmed by the Gulf Stream; it gives Molde a climate much warmer than its latitude would indicate. The sheltered location of the city, facing south with hills to the north, mountains to the east and mountainous islands to the west, contributes to Molde's climate and unusually rich plant life, especially among species naturally growing on far lower latitudes, like maple, chestnut, oak, tilia , beech, yew, and others.

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