Cruises to Latvia

Latvia lies in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, and shares borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. Find the perfect Mediterranean cruise to Latvia with MSC Cruises.

Riga is the country’s capital, and, as it lies on the Baltic Sea, this makes for a convenient port-of-call for MSC cruise ships.

Latvia is home to scenic forest landscapes dotted with medieval castles and monuments. Latvia’s diverse cultural heritage has European roots, with a strong folk tradition and a particular German influence.

Despite its northern location, Latvia enjoys a temperate, continental climate in summer, thanks to the influence of the Baltic Sea, although winters can be cold, due to winds blowing from Russia.

Travel with us to Latvia and leave your luxury cruise ship for the day to visit a capital city full of history and culture and which will provide a fascinating and insightful introduction to this country.

With Riga’s old town declared a UNESCO heritage site, our guided day trip package tour is a comfortable way to view the sights and enjoy the best deals on Riga’s main attractions. Alternatively you can explore outside the city to the nearby thermal town of Jurmala or venture further afield to Sigulda, the area known as the Latvian ‘Switzerland’. Riga is a great place to purchase amber jewellery and items, as amber, which comes from the Baltic Sea Coast.

Make Latvia part of your next cruise vacation. Find the best cruises to Latvia with MSC cruises!



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Riga is an important centre for architecture and culture as well as for finance and commerce. Its old town has been declared a UNESCO Site.
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