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Embark in a Mediterranean adventure to Olbia Italy with MSC Cruises. Olbia is a town on the Italian island of Sardinia, located to the northeast of the country. Find the best MSC's Mediterranean Cruises to Olbia Italy.

Olbia: One of the most beautiful and unspoiled stretches of the Mediterranean

Olbia is a town on the Italian island of Sardinia, located to the northeast of the country. Called ‘Olbia’ in Roman times, ‘Civita’ in the Middle Ages and then ‘Terranova Pausania’ the name Olbia – which means ‘happy town’ was restored after the 1940s.

Olbia is the economic hub of this part of the island and is close to the ‘Costa Smeralda’ (Emerald Coast) holiday destination. During the 1960’s, Prince Aga Kahn was so struck by the natural beauty of this stretch of coasts that he purchased over 3,000 hectares of land on which to build the island’s first hotels. However, the Costa Smeralda remains unspoilt and is still one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean.

A key feature of this area are the Nurages, mysterious conical stone towers that were built during the second millennium BC. Passengers that choose to spend the day away from their MSC cruise ship with us can take part in our program of excursion packages and visit these interesting sights for themselves.

We also offer other great deals on interesting local attractions, such as the trip to San Pantaleo, Santa Teresa and Capo Testa, picturesque villages that sell lovely handicrafts and souvenirs. Choose to board another (much smaller) ship and sail to Maddalena Island where Nelson stayed with his troops.

If you think no vacation is complete without a spot of beachside relaxation, an ideal way to indulge your favourite past time is with a trip to ‘La Cinta’ beach where you can experience the Emerald Coast at its best.

Make Olbia part of your Mediterranean cruise vacation. Find the best cruise to Olbia Italy with MSC cruises.
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