Part of the European Union, the island of Iceland is a large country situated in the north Atlantic ocean, located to the far north of the Faroe Islands and just below Greenland.

Iceland’s landscapes are harsh but striking, with many mountains, glaciers, glacial rivers, rocky volcanoes and spurting geysers. Visitors are drawn to Iceland for its strong folk and Norse traditions, its heritage of Icelandic poetry, mythology and medieval sagas as well as its hearty cuisine.

Travel to Iceland with MSC cruise lines and discover the towns of Hafnarfjördur, Isafjörður and Akureyri on Lýðveldið Ísland. Temperatures are not as cold as many visitors think, and summers are mild and warm, making it a perfect time for sightseeing.

All our Icelandic destinations are popular with our guests and children; the folk museum at Akureyri and elf spotting in Hafnarfjördur are just two of the great family activities that we offer in our excursion packages. Nature lovers will be eager to explore the beauty of the surrounding areas at each port of call; from hiking and boat tours to rare bird watching and fishing, we can help you get to the heart of this intriguing country.

If you’re happy strolling around the typical coloured wooden villages and soaking up the atmosphere of Iceland’s picturesque harbors you may like to shop for unique holiday souvenirs such as quality knitwear, pewter figurines of elves and trolls as well as Viking jewellery.



Cruise to Hafnarfjordur - Iceland - Northen Europe - MSC Cruises
Hafnarfjördur is set in a rocky landscape of cooled lava, resulting from a volcanic eruption from Mount Burfell over 7,000 years ago.
Cruise to Isafjordur - Iceland - Northen Europe - MSC Cruises
Isafjörður, a large fishing port in the north west of Iceland, offers stunning scenery and natural attractions.