Located in the Mediterranean, the British island of Gibraltar, also fondly known as ‘The Rock’ sits in the Strait of Gibraltar, near Spain.

Soaring above the sea at 1400 feet high, this limestone formation boasts over a hundred caves, worn away in the soft rock. It is easy to get right to the top – either via cable car or, for the more energetic, a longish hike, a worthwhile walk, as you can see Africa on a clear day.

The capital city is also called Gibraltar and this is where your luxury MSC cruise ship will dock. Gibraltar is a particularly good cruise destination for passengers with children as it is rich in flora and fauna and is home to the curious but wild (and tail-less) Barbary apes, the only wild monkeys left in Europe (you’ll see them if you head to the summit).

MSC guests may want to take in the quality food and clothes in the local Marks & Spencers stores. Gibraltar is actually tiny, composed of just four square miles, and thus the main sights can easily be explored while on a short vacation here.

Our excursion packages come with the best deals and are designed to help you maximize your holiday time – explore the capital town itself, or take a boat ride into the Bay of Gibraltar to view the three kinds of dolphins that live here. Venture into the many caves or spend your Gibraltar pounds on fun souvenirs such as toy monkeys and Gibraltar crystal.



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Gibraltar is famous for its limestone rocky mass which rises impressively from the surrounding seas. Experience it from your MSC ship.
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