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Book one of MSC's European Cruises to Helgoland Germany and relax on the waterfront in the colourful quayside cafes and enjoy some ‘time out’ in a little-known destination. Discover to Helgoland Germany MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises venture further afield: Heligoland, Germany’s natural archipelago is revealed

The sunny sea island of Heligoland (also Helgoland) in northern Germany is a unique place, only visited by a handful of travellers at any one time. Located 70 km off the mainland, Helgoland is a small archipelago; a tranquil, car-free oasis and one of Germany’s unique natural monuments. With the Gulf Stream promoting a warm climate, this delightful, remote little destination is conducive to unique fauna and wildlife.

Your luxury MSC cruise liner will dock at the local cruise terminal where you can leave the cruise ship for the day and be guided by our selection of shore excursion packages offering the best deals on top attractions. Whether you’re looking for a moment of natural beauty during your cruise vacation or some great holiday bargains (Heligoland is a duty-free zone), this little island offers a relaxing and enjoyable day onshore. Tour the island on a small ferry and spot the seals and sea lions that live freely here.

Heligoland is also a haven for seabirds, especially the elegant white gannets, with great opportunities for keen nature photographers. Relax on the waterfront in the colourful quayside cafes and enjoy some ‘time out’ in a little-known destination during our MSC Northern European and Nordic cruise itineraries

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