Formerly known as Smyrna, Izmir is located in Turkey’s Aegean province, which enjoys the finest climate in the country.

Mild year round climate and magnificent history

Formerly known as Smyrna, Izmir is located in Turkey’s Aegean province, which enjoys the finest climate in the country. Izmir, known as ‘the Belle’ thanks to its extremely mild year round climate.

Turkey’s third largest city and located in a region whose magnificent history has rendered it a key holiday destination. Lively and cosmopolitan, Izmir boasts scenic, palm-lined promenades that line a glittering bay, graceful avenues and attractive horizontal terraces that cloak the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Izmir has a strong artistic heritage; the Museum of Art and Natural History holds artefacts from the 2nd Century BC.

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Families may like to visit the Culture Park, just northeast of Izmir, with its botanical gardens, amusement park and zoo.

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The port of Izmir is directly in the city. From the port you can walk or take a taxi to the main street, the “Kordon”. The passengers terminal offer many services, including cafes and bars.

Port average temperature

Izmir has a typical Mediterranean climate which is characterized by long, hot and dry summers; and mild to cool, rainy winters. The total precipitation for İzmir averages 706 mm per year; however, 77% of that falls during November through March. The rest of the precipitation falls during April through May and September through October. There is virtually no rainfall during the months of June, July and August.

The average maximum temperatures during the winter months vary between 12 and 14 °C. Although it's rare, snow can fall in İzmir in December, January and February staying for a period of hours rather than a whole day or more. The summer months from May to October usually brings average daytime temperatures of 30 °C or higher. On a number of occasions, temperatures as high as 46°C have been recorded in the city.

The temperate figures shown are based on monthly average weather conditions for the selected port. Weather data is not real-time, and sometimes no data is shown for a specific date, month or port in general.

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