The tourist-friendly country of Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa and this compact little country has much to offer the holidaymaker.

Tunisia’s neighbours include Libya to the southeast and Algeria to the west, with the Mediterranean Sea to north and east. French-speaking, Tunisia lies on Europe’s doorstep and the mix of European and African cultures makes for an exciting mix of history and architecture.

Tunisia has a lot that can be seen in a short period of time, including great beaches, Egyptian ruins, desert oases, Berber architecture, Roman remains, a slice of the Sahara desert, green highlands, charming medinas and stunning mosques.

The local cuisine counts many influences, among them French and Lebanese, Turkish and African, and many more, resulting in a diverse and delicious cuisine. Couscous is the national dish, you may also try brik (a filo pastry parcel) and spicy lamb sausages, known as merguetz. Gourmets will appreciate the hot chilli paste, harissa, often used as an accompaniment and can be bought in brightly-coloured tins and tubes in local markets.

MSC cruise ships travel to Tunisia and call at the capital, Tunis, a lively port town and the perfect example of Tunisia’s east-meets-west heritage. We have many excursion packages for this city; choose to take a guided tour of Tunis or explore the souk (market) where you can spend your local Tunisian dinar on pottery and even dates and olives. Head to the ancient city of Carthage, a national monument, which is awash with Roman ruins.



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