Almería is located in south-east Spain and the area around Almeria has long been an important Mediterranean holiday resort.

The mirror of the sea

Almería is located in southeast Spain and the area around Almeria has long been an important Mediterranean vacation resort.

The original name for Almeria has origins in the Andalusian Arabic language, and means ‘mirror’ or ‘mirror of the sea’. This is perhaps due to the exceptionally brilliant white sunlight that is characteristic of the region.

Movie buffs will be intrigued to learn that this particular trait, together with the unusual, rocky, moonscape-like landscapes of the area have made Almeria and its environs a popular place for film-makers; it was chosen as the location for Laurence of Arabia as well as many Westerns.

Visitors will be pleased to note, however, that they can expect rather less turbulent times during their day away from their luxury MSC cruise ship! Almeria is a pleasant city and popular vacation destination with a wealth of history to offer; the Phoenicians founded Almeria and Carthaginians, Romans and Moors all left their mark.

The city is home to an important contemporary art museum and the gothic cathedral at the heart of Almeria is worth seeing for its combination of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles.

As with elsewhere in Andalucia, the cuisine here is outstanding, so ensure you leave time for a hearty lunch and local specialities such as the spicy clam stew ‘Gachas’ or ‘Escabeche e Sardines’- fresh sardines in hot sauce.

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Cruise ships dock in the main harbor right by the city center.

Port average temperature

Almeria has one of the sunniest, warmest and driest climates in Europe. Almeria enjoys about 3000 hours of sunshine annually with around 320 sunny days a year on average. Almeria has an average annual temperature of around 19°C and only 25-30 wet days a year on average. During the winter, daily maximum temperatures tend to stay around 14–20°C. At night, the temperature rarely drops below 8°C. precipitation falls in short heavy bursts.

During the warmest month there are clear sunny skies and no rainfall. The typical daily temperatures range from 28–34°C and on occasion climb higher. The minimum temperatures stay well above 20°C. The temperature of the sea stays around 17°C during the winter and 26°C during the summer. This makes a swim an inviting prospect during any time of the year.

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Average high °C161718202226293028232017
Average low °C881012151821222015129
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