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Hop on board one of MSC's European Cruises to Arrecife. Arrecife is a city in the Canary Islands situated on the east side of the island of Lanzarote. Find the perfect cruise to Arrecife with MSC Cruises.

Arrecife: An extraordinary scenery due to its volcanic origin

Arrecife is a city in the Canary Islands situated on the east side of the island of Lanzarote. Arrecife has been the capital of Lanzarote since 1852.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote is the most north-eastern of the Canary Islands and is just 115 kilometers off the coast of Africa, hence its year-round dry, mild climate. Holiday-makers will be struck by Lanzarote’s incredibly unique landscape, which is not only unusual compared to its neighboring islands, but to anything else in the world! Its extraordinary scenery is due to its volcanic origins; large parts of the island are covered with ashes and lava, and Lanzarote's inhabitants have successfully cultivated the rich, fertile soil.

This is why today visitors will frequently see large, lush plantations of fruits and vegetables. Of particular note is the region of Geria, with vineyards nestling between volcanic craters. We recommend that cruise passengers join us on the tour to the Timanfaya National Park where they can see the splendors of these ‘moonscapes’ at their best.

Other great day trip ideas, ideal for nature-lovers, include a visit to Jameo del Agua, a complex of intriguing cave formations. Make the most of your time off ship and choose from our great day trip deals and excursion packages; take a relaxing tour round Arrecife or add an educational element to your vacation and learn about the island’s famous architect, Cesar Manrique, viewing his works.

Return to your luxury MSC cruise ship invigorated and with the pleasure of having experienced one of the most unique landscapes on earth.

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Ships dock at the cargo docks at Muelle de los Marmoles Port, about a 30-minute walk from Arrecife town centre. Shuttle services operate into the town centre.

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 ACF01 - NORTHERN TOUR OF THE ISLAND (approx. 4 hours) - 2013/2014
Difficulty level: easy - May involve a limited quantity of steps, uneven surfaces and/or periods of standing  Panoramic tour  Limited seat  No one can fail to be intrigued by one of Lanzarote’s more unusual attractions; the strange blind white crabs that are native only to this island. We will take a coach to Teguise to visit the historic cave complex of Jameos del Agua where the tiny albino sea creatures live in a seawater lake within the cave chambers. This unique colony of eye-less crustaceans are an example of successful natural evolution, having adapted to their environment after being trapped in the caves following pre-historic earthquake activity.

Price per person $63.00 Adults $44.00 Children


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 ACF02 - TIMANFAYA NATIONAL PARK (approx. 4 hours) - 2013/2014
Difficulty level: easy - May involve a limited quantity of steps, uneven surfaces and/or periods of standing  Limited seat  Tasting included  Wheelchair and disabled friendly tour - Wheelchair guests must be accompanied by their own helper to get on/off the coach. Wheelchairs must be foldable as the coach is not provided with ramps or lifts. Once onboard, please contact Excursions Desk staff promptly so they can help make arrangements.  Lanzarote’s unique ‘Martian’ landscapes are shown off to their best in the spectacular Timanfaya National Park. Forged from years of volcanic eruptions, nature has shaped this island’s scenery which is a compelling mix of petrified lava fields and lush vegetation. The largest eruption took place in the 1730s and some volcanic activity still continues today; at Islote de Hilario for example, we will admire the steaming geysers typical of the volcanic nature of the island. Enjoy a scenic drive back to the port through the pretty vineyards that thrive in Arrecife’s climate and which flourish in the island’s mineral-rich sand dunes. Please note : guests on wheelchair can take part in this tour (except for the camel part).

Price per person $63.00 Adults $44.00 Children


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 ACF06 - LANZAROTE & MANRIQUE HERITAGE (approx. 4.5 hours) - 2013/2014
Difficulty level: moderate - May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing  Limited seat  Cultural  Join us for a day of art and architecture and an excursion themed around Cesar Manrique, one of the pioneers of Spanish modern art and former resident of the island from 1968 until his death here in 1992. We will head for the atmospheric “Jardin de Cactus” (cactus garden), one of the last finished works of the artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Manrique’s famous structural style is displayed in the cactus gardens which are set in a sweeping arched quarry. The 10,000 cacti from all over the world have made these Gardens a symbol of the island’s artistic heritage. The Cactus Garden is located on the road to Mala, an area where cacti are encouraged, as they feed the parasitic cochineal beetles. These insects have been cultivated here for over 100 years and are valued for their colorant properties. Our tour continues at the Cesar Manrique Foundation located in the artist’s former home, ‘El Taro de Tahiche’ (“Taro” is a local word for cement-free, dry-stone constructions). Look around the Foundation before proceeding to the nearby El Patio Museum to learn more about traditions and life on Lanzarote.

Price per person $64.00 Adults $45.00 Children


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Difficulty level: moderate - May involve inclines, steps, uneven surfaces and/or extended periods of standing  Panoramic tour  Limited seat  Cultural  New  A unique opportunity that will reveal the beauty of the underwater world. A 25-minute coach drive will take you to Marina Puerto Calero, located in the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen. Puerto Calero is much more than a marina; it offers a wide selection of bars and restaurants on the waterfront and will be the starting point of your submarine adventure. Before boarding the submarine you will receive a short safety briefing so that you could enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in perfect relax. Your 1-hour underwater trip will allow you to admire the unexplored waters of Puerto Calero with its amazing submarine life. Back on the land you will have a little free time in Puerto Calero before returning to the port. Please note: this tour is considered to be unsuitable for pregnant women as well as for guests with mobility, heart or hearing problems or who use a wheelchair. Guests must be at least 3 years of age to take part. It’s necessary to step down a ladder with 7 steps. Information onboard the submarine only in English.

Price per person $94.00 Adults $66.00 Children


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Difficulty level: Strenuous - Active excursions recommended only for guests in good physical health  Panoramic tour  Limited seat  Cultural  New  For its volcanic nature perfectly preserved due to the island arid climate, Arrecife is a real paradise to trekking lovers. Meet your local guide and enjoy a 45-minute drive to the National Park, the place where your amazing adventure will begin. On a 3-hour trekking you will follow a route full of volcanoes and will have the opportunity to admire spectacular craters, lava flows and lakes and spot out some lava tunnels on the way. Do not forget your camera to catch unforgettable moonscape scenery. Return to the port. Please note: this tour is considered to be unsuitable for guests with walking difficulties. The trekking route covers approx. 6 km and reaches an elevation of 150 metres. Sturdy trekking shoes are recommended. This tour is not suitable for children.

Price per person $81.00 Adults $57.00 Children


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Shore Excursions programs and Itineraries may vary depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen events in relation to the timing on the day of the tour. Some excursions are very popular and therefore availability cannot always be guaranteed, It is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.