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Hop on board one of MSC's Mediterranean Cruises to Tangier. Tangier is a city in northern Morocco situated on the North African coast. Find the perfect Mediterranean Cruise to Tangier with MSC Cruises.

Tangier: A rich blend of cultures, exotic souks, colorful riads, the Kasbah, lively markets

Tangier is a city in northern Morocco situated on the North African coast.

Tangier’s rich history dates back to the 5th century BC and many civilizations have left their mark.

Tangier strengthened its position in the 1920’s when it was given international status by foreign colonial powers, making it a popular destination for many Europeans and Americans.

Famous characters that have passed through Tangier include Henri Matisse, Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett and Orson Welles. This ancient city is currently undergoing rapid development; projects include new five-star hotels, a modern business district, a new airport terminal, and a soccer stadium. However, your day away from your luxury MSC cruise ship will offer a journey back in time.

You are warmly invited to join us on any of our excursions packages, which offer the best deals on the sights of Tangier and on outings in the region. Tangier’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Africa provides a rich blend of cultures and the exotic souks, colorful riads, the Kasbah, lively markets and magical back streets will lend a strong sense of romance and atmosphere to your holiday here.

Your senses will truly be awakened as you listen in to the myriad of dialects, inhale the scent of spicy Moroccan tea and feast your eyes upon the magnificent residential quarters of the city and major sights, such as the Caves of Hercules or Mendoubia Gardens.

Ensure you take a souvenir, such as pottery or spices, back to the ship as a lasting reminder of your vacation in Tangier.

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The ship dock is only 800 metres from the city centre. There is a bus shuttle service to town and plenty of taxis.

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