Volos / Metéora

For a vacation that delivers seaside fun in the cradle of civilization, Greece is the word, Volos the place, Metéora the certain highlight and MSC Cruises your cordial host. All as part of a luxurious Mediterranean cruise.

Indulge your taste for luxury on a Mediterranean cruise acation with MSC Cruises and discover Greece, the port of Volos and the Metéora monasteries.

Situated on the eastern seaboard at the foot of Mount Pelion in Greece, the city of Volos grew from small mid-19th-century beginnings to the bustling port that graces the shores of the Pagasetic Gulf today. It is also a gateway to the Sporades archipelago in the Aegean Sea and, if you travel in a western direction, the beautiful Pelion Peninsula.

City sights include the Thessaly Railway and Volos Archaeological Museums, the busy harbour and the waterfront Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, while the densely wooded foothills of Mount Pelion are just the place to round off your Mediterranean cruise vacation by letting off steam outdoors.

From Volos, a two-hour drive will take you to the Metéora monasteries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally 20 in number, the six remaining Eastern Orthodox Metéora monasteries sit atop natural limestone stacks whose perpendicular sides stretch vertiginously upwards to a height of nearly 400 m. Built with seclusion in mind between the 14th and 16th centuries, it took until steps were cut into the rock in the 1920s for these incredible eyries to become accessible – for monks, visitors and supplies alike – by anything other than long ladders, then rope-pulled nets and later baskets. Considering the ropes were only replaced when “the Lord let them break”, reaching the top really did take a leap of faith.

So why not recharge your batteries with a sun-soaked slice of Greece and a generous helping of Mediterranean hospitality on a luxury cruise vacation with MSC Cruises? Book now and look forward to a warm welcome on board.

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