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Katakolon is a small holiday port town in Ilia, in the western part of Greece. Find the perfect cruise to Katakolon, Greece with MSC Cruises

Katakolon: The ‘gateway to Olympia’

Katakolon is a small holiday port town in Ilia, in the western part of Greece. Katakolon is known as the ‘gateway to Olympia’ as it lies just East of the ancient city of Olympic, which was the birthplace of the Olympic games.

Katakolon really is a destination for everyone and all guests will come away with greater understanding of the ancient Hellenic civilisations.

After leaving your luxury MSC cruise ship, join us on an excursion package to Olympia and tour round the amazing stadium (capacity 40,000 spectators!) and the famous temples of the Greek gods Zeus, Hera and Apollo. It was only in the 19th century that European archaeologists first began excavating Olympia and a tour to this ancient destination is not to be missed, as it is exceptionally well preserved.

Enjoy the great deals on the extraordinary Olympia archaeological museum, which is the most important in Greece. Here you can view exhibits of pottery, bronzes, Roman sculptures, artefacts from the Olympic Games and terracotta sculptures dating from 480 BC.

At MSC we like to cater for everyone on board our ships, so our outings in and around Katakolon also leave plenty of room for shopping and relaxation, too; you can choose to simply relax at the nearby private Kourouta beach club and enjoy the age-old pastime of sun lounging!

MSC guests may also join us at a typical restaurant in Katakolon and take in a traditional Greek show of folkloric song and dance, providing lasting memories of your Greek vacation.

Cruises to Katakolon - Greece - Mediterranean


The pier is right in Katakolon, with the town’s main street a 5-minute walk away. Olympia is around 30 km far away.

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