Cruises to Cyprus

Travel to the island of Cyprus with MSC Cruises and you can look forward to visiting the port city of Limassol, and the many historic sights which populate the surrounding area. Find the perfect cruise to Cyprus with MSC Cruises.

Cyprus has long been a popular holiday destination thanks to its warm, dry Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and important Greco-Roman sights.

We will help you get the most out of your vacation time in Cyprus; simply join one of great excursion packages which offer the best deals and which will quickly help you get a feel for this place.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and much of the country is mountainous – indeed, Mount Olympus, ‘home to the gods’ in Greek mythology, lies at the heart of the Troodos mountain range. Cyprus has inspired artists over the ages; Shakespeare set Othello in Cyprus and the author Laurence Durrell spent time living and writing on the island.

Food lovers will be eager to taste authentic grilled Halloumi cheese, which originates from Cyprus, and all MSC guests should spend some time off their cruise ship enjoying the fresh Cypriot cuisine.

With civilisations in Cyprus dating back over 10,000 years, history enthusiasts will fall in love with this island; venture out of Limassol to the pretty port of Paphos, or visit Apollo’s temple at Omodos.

Those interested in theology may wish to visit Larnaca, where Lazurus travelled to after his resurrection. The local currency is the Euro, which you can spend on typical handicrafts such as hand-painted pottery, wood carvings or silver.



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