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Croatia is a country of spectacular landscapes with a stunning coastline.

Travel with MSC cruises to discover its historic ports, beautiful beaches, magnificent islands, enchanting cities.

Croatia lies on the Adriatic Sea, facing Italy to the west and bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro from the north, down the east and south east. Croatia features a mix of landscapes from wonderful lakes and dense, wooded areas and national parks. Croatia’s Adriatic coast is home to over one thousand islands, some uninhabited, many are wonderful tourist destinations with clear turquoise waters, great local restaurants and interesting monuments. From Hvar to Korcula, Brac and Krk, be sure to visit at least one island during your vacation time in Croatia. On the mainland, holidaymakers will discover a wealth of historic sights from the Roman Diocletian Palace in Split to the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik, where you can walk the city walls or soak up the continental atmosphere in one of the city’s elegant squares. Make the most of your time in Croatia with our dedicated excursions that combine sightseeing with the best deals. Spend your day away from the cruise ship under a balmy, Mediterranean climate and use your Croatian kuna to shop for unique souvenirs such as Maraskino cherry liqueur, or even a handmade silk tie or cravat - which were invented in Croatia!



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Dubrovnik - the capital of Dalmatia is the crossroad between East and West. Dubrovnik is now a recognized world heritage site by UNESCO.
Mediterranean - historic ports, beautiful beaches, magnificent islands, enchanting cities. Discover the best of this region.

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