Al Fujairah

MSC offers some of the best deals around for memorable cruise holidays and our cruise package to the Arabian Gulf, with its stop-over at Al Fujariah, is a ‘not-to-be-missed’ part of your itinerary and vacation.

Scenic secluded beaches and ancient fortresses

Al Fujairah is a jewel of history and nature, set in majestic hillsides and wadis inhabited since the Iron Age. While sun-seekers find paradise on its scenic secluded beaches, visitors marvel at its atmospheric old city and 17th century fortress, Al Bithna Oasis, with its preistoric tomb and exquisite village of Masafi by the Hajar Mountains.

MSC Lirica is the perfect floating resort from wich to explore this very special part of the world. Welcomed with traditional Italian hospitality, you'll be treated like a sultan, surrounded by precious natural materials in creative designer interiors, cosseted in comfort and delighted by world-class leisure facilities and entertainment.

Returning from our varied excursions, dining on superb Italian and international cuisine in 4 different dining areas, soaking up the atmosphere of the Lord nelson Pub, chilling to the music in the Beverly Hills bar or dancing your heart out in the Blue Club Discoteque, these beautifully-conceived eight to twenty-day cruises will bring you an unforgettable experience of Arabia.

Cruise to Al Fujairah - United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi and The Emirates - MSC Cruises

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