Located on the north-west coast of the African continent, Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean and the countries of Mauritania to the north and Mali to the east.

With a tropical climate, the landscape across Senegal is largely composed of sandy plains and rivers in the north.

Local food still bears the influence of the French, who held Senegal as a colony until the 1960s. Seafood features highly, and a type of vegetable bouillabaisse is a typical meal, as are couscous dishes.

This intensely vibrant country can be visited with MSC Cruises during our cruise itineraries around South Africa. Senegal is steeped in culture and is famous for its musical and arts heritage; many of Africa’s most noted musicians hail from Senegal, including Youssou N’dour.

We invite you to leave your luxury cruise ship for the day to step ashore and explore the capital city of Dakar. Art lovers will enjoy visiting the many galleries and museums, others will appreciate the fantastic markets.

History fans may like to join our special excursions that travel off the coast of Dakar to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Goree Island, just off the Cap Vert Peninsula. Goree Island was at the heart of the West African slave trade and the Slave Trade Museum, located in an 18th century house is an important historical building for many passengers. It is worth spending even a short time in Senegal and we look forward to helping you make the most of your vacation time here.



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Dakar, the largest city in Senegal, is renowned for its exuberance, displayed in a huge array of music, arts and film festivals and fantastic African cuisine.
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