Located in north east Europe, the Netherlands - also called Holland - is a particularly flat country famous for its pretty windmills, tasty cheese and blooming fields of tulips.

Residents are known as Dutch, which is the name of the official language here. Holland lies on the North Sea and is neighbour to the countries of Belgium and Germany. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, and MSC cruise ships travel to this fashionable city as well as calling at handsome city of Rotterdam, which is also home to the world’s largest harbor.

Holland is a tolerant, laid back country and is a wonderful place to visit for its exceptional collections of art, famous Delft pottery and historic, charming cities. The Dutch are renowned for being very eco-friendly; travelling by bicycle is a key part of life here, as much for environmental reasons as the flat nature of the landscapes.

From picking up pottery in Delft to strolling the famous zoo in Rotterdam, relaxing in the bohemian cafes in the capital or marvelling at the Van Gogh originals in Amsterdam, Holland caters for children and nature-lovers, art buffs and history friends and makes a truly worthwhile addition to your Northern European cruise vacation.

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Amsterdam is an enjoyable blend of old and new, where funky design boutiques brush shoulders with traditional stepped-gable houses.
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