Walvis Bay

Situated off the Atlantic coast of Africa, Walvis Bay is the name of both this popular holiday town in Namibia and the bay in which it lies.

A huge natural lagoon with seabirds, rare flamingos and pelicans

Situated off the Atlantic coast of Africa, Walvis Bay is the name of both this popular vacation town in Namibia and the bay in which it lies.

The deepwater harbor is a haven for sea vessels and many luxury cruise liners dock here. However, these deep waters are also rich in plankton and marine life and previously drew large numbers of whales, which contributed to the port’s name.

The Dutch – who colonized the area in the 17th century - referred to it as Walvisch Baye, the English as Whale Bay, with an eventual agreement on Walvis Bay, via Walfish Bay! Today, Walvis Bay, with its large bay and sand dunes, is the tourist activity center of Namibia.

A particular attraction of the area is the huge natural lagoon with its abundance of seabirds, including rare flamingos and pelicans, which are joined every year by 200,000 migratory birds. As this is an area of outstanding natural beauty, there are many options for spending your time away from ship.

To help you, we have put together a great selection of sightseeing packages and best deals on local vacation attractions. Some key sights include the artificial Bird Island, the ‘Dune 7’ sand dune which is one of the highest crests in the dune belt along the west coast of Namibia and perfect for eco-friendly quad biking. Nature-lovers will enjoy the fantastically rich birdlife on the Swakopmund & City Tour and sports fans can take in the Kuisbmund Stadium, home to Namibia’s Premier League football clubs… all these make up the ingredients of an ideal vacation, with something to suit everyone!

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Walvis Bay features the very rare mild variation of the arid climate. Walvis Bay receives an average of only 83 mm of precipitation per year, making it one of the driest cities on the planet. Despite the fact that it has an arid climate, Walvis Bay seldom gets very hot or very cold, an extremely unusual feature for a city featuring this climate. This is primarily due to cold offshore currents near Walvis Bay. Temperatures averages around 24°C during January, Walvis Bay's warmest month and around 17°C during July, its coldest month.

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