Namibia is a country in southwest Africa, featuring the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the countries of Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa around it.

The official language is English, although Afrikaans is also spoken here. Namibia is home to several deserts including the large and arid Namib Desert, the better-known Kalahari Desert and the Coastal Desert, one of the oldest in the world and an extremely rich source of diamonds, making Namibia one of the largest diamond producers in the world. In addition to these desert regions Namibia also boasts a rugged and scenic coastline and densely wooded areas (the Bushveld).

A stunning country and a dream destination for keen photographers Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest and most visually beautiful countries.

MSC cruise ships travel to Africa during our South African itineraries and our ships call at Walvis Bay. ‘Walvis’ stems from the word ‘whales’, attributed to the previously large number of these mammals that fed on the rich marine life found in the Walvis Bay’s deep harbour. Visitors today may still be lucky enough to spot one of these amazing creatures.

With such rich landscapes in this area, passengers who wish to leave their cruise ship for the day can look forward to an array of excursion packages, with activities to suit nature-lovers (come flamingo watching!) thrill seekers as well as sports fans and history buffs. If you have some of the local currency (Namibian dollar), shop for native crafts such as wood carvings, woven mats, painted ostrich eggs or high-quality gemstones.



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Walvis Bay, with its large bay and sand dunes, is the tourist activity centre of Namibia.
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