Denmark is situated in Scandinavia, northern Europe and is the southernmost of the Nordic countries.

Denmark is bordered to the south by Germany, and the Baltic and North Seas. The national language is Danish, although English is well-understood.

Passengers will travel with MSC Cruises to Denmark’s wonderful capital, Copenhagen, which is the most affordable of the Scandinavian cities, so your Danish krone (the national currency) might stretch that bit further!

Many visitors to Denmark will be interested in what is perhaps the most well-known era of Danish history, the Viking period, which lasted from the 8th – 11th centuries.

The Vikings left a lasting mark on Danish landscapes and many Viking age monuments are open to visitors. History fans may like to visit the National Museum in Copenhagen, which has a comprehensive collection of Viking artifacts, exhibits on prehistoric civilizations and many archaeological treasures.

Although located far north, Denmark’s climate is temperate – although summers are quite cool, temperatures in winter remain around 0 degrees. Holidaymakers may notice that, depending on the time of year, the amount of sunlight varies – although the sun may set by 4.30 pm in winter, it only sets at 10pm in summer, creating long summer days.

To make the most of your vacation time in Copenhagen, join us one of our many excursion packages around the city: as well as provided guided tours around Copenhagen you can take advantage of the best deals on all the top sights.



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Copenhagen will enchant you with its heritage of legend and poetic storybook tales.
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