At MSC Cruises, we are great fans of Brazil, and our passion for this South American country is reflected in the number of destinations that we visit here.

Depending on your chosen itinerary, our cruise ships call at Salvador da Bahia, Buzios, Ilha Grande, Ilhabela, Ilheus, Santos, Ubatuba, Imbituba, Cabedelo, Rio di Janiero, Copacabana, Fortaleza and Recife. All different, all unique with their own special attractions to seduce the cruising holidaymaker.

As the largest country in South America, Brazil covers a huge territory made up of stunning scenery, glittering beaches, some of the world’s largest metropolises and a rich tradition of history and culture.

The language of Brazil is Portuguese, although Brazilians communicate their heart and soul through their world-renowned music and dance. From the carnivals in spring to samba, bossa nova and jazz traditions, Brazil is exuberantly alive and visitors are quickly charmed by the spirit of this country.

Our cruise ships visit Brazil’s east coast and a vacation at any one of our Brazilian destinations is sure to be memorable. ‘Marvellous City’ Rio de Janeiro will enthrall with its vibrancy and the towering Redemption of Christ monument. Salvador is a foodie heaven, nature-lovers will fall in love with Imbituba and Ubatuba, whereas those in search of glamour will find it in Copacabana.

Join our excursion packages to help you quickly navigate around each destination and take advantage of the most attractive deals in each port of call.



Cruise to Santos - Brazil - Ocean Voyages - MSC Cruises
Santos is perfect for a relaxing day off-ship; you can leave your cruise liner at leisure and stroll the streets of this historic city
Cruise to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Ocean Voyages - MSC Cruises
Rio de Janiero, la Cidade Maravilhosa, is the city of carnival, samba rhythms, sunshine, colours and warm hospitality.