Our MSC cruise ships regularly stop over in Bermuda, the archipelago made up of 180 islands located in the Caribbean Sea.

Our main vacation destination during our Caribbean cruise itinerary is King’s Wharf. All of these magnificent isles feature spectacular beaches, unique wildlife and lush, paradisiacal vegetation.

MSC cruise shops currently visit King’s Wharf on Bermuda’s Ireland Island and also stop off at Nassau in the neighbouring islands of the Bahamas. Bermuda is still part of the British Isles, settled by the British in the 1600’s and the official national language is English. The Bermudian dollar (fixed to the US dollar at an equivalent rate) took over from the Bermudian pound in the 1970’s, although US dollars are widely accepted here.

Vacationers will be happy to learn that the English influence does not dominate the local cuisine - although you can still find a good pub lunch! Look forward to island cooking, largely based on fresh seafood and exotic fruits and vegetables, infused with zingy spices. Black eyed peas with pork and rice, fish chowder, and Bermuda lobster are just some of the tasty delicacies that passengers should try and sample whilst on vacation here.

Getting out and about is made easy with our extensive excursion packages combined with great deals on key attractions. In King’s Wharf, don’t miss the Craft Market for super souvenirs, whilst animal-lovers and families will be thrilled with Dolphin Quest.



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King's Wharf features spectacular beaches, unique wildlife and lush, paradisiacal vegetation.
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