MSC Cruises lines visits the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, located in the Caribbean, on New Providence Island.

Made up of 700 islands, the Bahamas is one of MSC cruise lines’ most fun and popular cruise holiday destinations in the Caribbean. The official language of the Bahamas is English, and the currency is the Bahamian Dollar, which is fixed at an equivalent rate to the US dollar.

The landscape of New Providence, where your cruise ship will dock, is a typical tropical island haven, as is the aptly-named Paradise Island, linked by a bridge to New Providence.

Come and spend a day off your MSC cruise ship exploring bustling Nassau; our excursion packages and great deals on the best local attractions will help you make the most of your vacation time here. As the nation’s capital, Nassau boasts well-preserved colonial architecture, from elegant Victorian churches and grand houses to picturesque colourful wooden buildings with their attractive open balconies and porches.

Monuments pay homage to the town’s past, such as the 18th century Fort Charlotte and Fort Fincastle, from which locals kept a look out for marauding pirates and the 66 steps of the Queen’s Staircase from where holidaymakers will have a wonderful view over the island and the ocean.

Visit the huge covered straw market, a vibrant indoor meeting place featuring locally-made goods such as baskets or seek out local shops for authentic handmade crafts and souvenirs.



Cruise to Nassau - Bahamas - MSC Grand Voyages - MSC Cruises
Nassau, A beautifully preserved city, with Victorian mansions, cathedrals and 18th-century fortresses.
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