Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and although it may be the wealthiest city in South America, it is also rich in culture, music and the arts.

A cosmopolitan city full of elegance and energy

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and although it may be the wealthiest city in South America, it is also rich in culture, music and the arts.

As your luxury MSC cruise ship pulls into the newly modernised cruise terminal, the soaring skyscrapers of the world’s ninth largest city hint at the elegance and energy that this cosmopolitan city and important cruise destination holds.

Located on the eastern shore of South America, locals are called porteños (people of the port) and the city name means ‘good air’ in Spanish. To enable you to take full advantage of everything that this wonderful holiday destination has to offer, MSC Cruises has organized a diverse package of activities and excursion deals to help you get the best out of Argentinean life. Buenos Aires is divided into 47 small neighborhoods or ‘barrios’ and each has its own distinct character.

La Recoleta district is reminiscent of Paris, whereas San Telmo displays the city's multinational heritage through its Spanish Colonial, Italian and graceful French architecture. Your vacation in Buenos Aires would not be complete without a taste of the Tango, the sultry romantic dance born in the 1870’s, and now elevated to an art form.

Try your hand at a Tango dance and work off a dinner of excellent Argentinean beef that the country is renowned for. With fabulous shopping opportunities throughout, you are unlikely to return to the ship empty handed, although the main souvenir you take back will be the lasting impression that this wonderful city leaves.


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Ships can sail up the Rio de la Plata right into the centre of the city. Buenos Aires has two airports: Aeropuerto International Ministro Pistarni, Ezeira, services most international flights and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery services domestic and regional flights. Local buses serve both Ezeira and Aeroparque airports. Ezeira is 35 km south of downtown while Aeroparque is only 8 km north of downtown.

Port average temperature

The city has a humid subtropical climate. The average year temperature is 17.6°C. The city gets 1,147 mm of rainfall per year. Rain can be expected at any time of year and hailstorms are not unusual. The lowest temperature ever recorded in central Buenos Aires was −5.4°C on 9 July 1918. The highest temperature ever recorded was 43.3°C on 29 January 1957.

The last snowfall occurred on 9 July 2007 when the entry of a massive polar cold snap made as a result the coldest winter of Argentina in almost thirty years, where severe snowfalls and blizzards hit the country. It was the first major snowfall in the city in almost 89 years.

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