Malls and mosques, camels and culture: an unforgettable cruise to United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, (UAE) or simply ‘Emirates’ is a federation located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE comprises the states or ‘emirates’ of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

UAE shares borders with the territory of Oman and Saudi Arabia, and UAE’s capital is Abu Dhabi, a key port of call for luxury MSC cruise liners during our Middle Eastern cruise itineraries. Much of the UAE is made up of coast, which lies on the Persian Gulf; this stretch of land includes such strategic points as the Strait of Hormunz, a crucial transit point for the world’s crude oil trade, and the region’s largest natural harbour, which has now grown into the dynamic and sophisticated city of Dubai.

Inland, UAE is made up of rolling sand dunes and desert. As a holiday destination, the UAE is rich in heritage and ancient culture with many holy and Biblical sights including archaeological remains that date back to pre-historic times. Any MSC shore excursion will feature the best deals on all the sights, including visits to fascinating cities and monuments, from the Tomb of Job to the remains of the Palace of the Queen of Sheba! The UAE is an exceptionally rich and varied vacation destination; as the glittering lifestyle in Dubai and Abu Dhabi lives on, the traditional Bedouin way of life continues to thrive here.

Leave your MSC cruise ship and come ashore at Abu Dhabi, experience the magnitude of the Emirates Palace and the stunning Grand Mosque. Wander the atmospheric souqs, shop ’til you drop in the glittering malls or step back in time in the capital’s Heritage Villlage. From desert adventures to designer boutiques, cultural sights to camel trails, whatever kind of trip you enjoy with MSC in the UAE, you are sure to create holiday memories of a lifetime.



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