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Venezuela is a located on the northern coast of South America and also includes many islands, which are located off its coastline in the Caribbean Sea. Find the perfect Caribbean cruise to Venezuela with MSC Cruises.
MSC Cruises offers numerous cruises around South America, calling at various destinations in Venezuela. One of South America’s most diverse countries, Venezuela boasts a variety of landscapes, with 2800 kilometers of coastline, the Andes mountain range in the north and Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall in the south.

Such diversity lends itself to rich flora and fauna – from the native jaguars and anteaters to important birds including ibises, ospreys, kingfishers, and the yellow-orange turpial, the national bird. The coast has a tropical climate, and the capital, Caracas has steady temperatures year round, with hot summers. Venezuela has a strong cultural heritage, a melting pot of diverse influences from its past. Its Caribbean location dominates the national culture, and indigenous, Spanish and African influences are woven in to the fabric of life.

Travel with us in style to the capital, Caracas, where the Avila Mountain towers over this dense yet vibrant urban metropolis, where you can drink authentic South American coffee in the city’s stylish cafés, sample eclectic cuisines and enjoy a whole host of cultural activities. Art lovers will wish to head straight to the Modern Art Museum, which is arguably the best in South America, or get away from the hustle and bustle with one of our excursion packages out of town to El Avila National Park.

Make your dream vacation come true when you cruise to the lush Caribbean destination of Venezuela with MSC Cruises.


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