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Puerto Rico is an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean Sea and a commonwealth of the United States of America. Find the perfect Caribbean Cruise to Puerto Rico with MSC Cruises.
Located in the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico lies just south east of the Dominican Republic. The main island, also called Puerto Rico, is small in size, measuring just 100 by 35 miles.

MSC cruise ships travel to this stunning tropical island during our Caribbean cruise itineraries. Puerto Rico offers a truly diverse landscape, boasting pristine beaches, intriguing caves, warm azure waters, coral reefs and tropical rainforests housing 1,000-year-old trees. A tropical marine climate and perpetual summer weather have long made this island a haven for vacationers seeking an idyllic vacation spot.

Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and English, and the American influence in the island is witnessed in the efficiency and modernity of amenities here – and the currency, which is the US dollar. In Puerto Rico, a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere meets the dynamism of modern-day America, yet this is beautifully tempered by historic monuments, plentiful sunshine and bags of history, as seen in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and the oldest city under US government.

The Puerto Rico tourist board sums it up nicely: “visitors will find ‘21st century conveniences in a 16th century setting.” Our cruise ships call at the island’s capital of San Juan and we offer the best deals on a whole range of activities on this island as well as informative city guides, tours and day excursion packages in and around San Juan.

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San Juan - sunny beaches, tropical rainforests, 300-year-old buioldings and 1,000-year-old trees.
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