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Cruises to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Hop on board one of MSC's Caribbean Cruises to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Located in Mexico on the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen is famous for its Mayan ruins which are more than 12 centuries old. Find the perfect Caribbean Cruise to Playa Del Carmen Mexico with MSC Cruises.

Playa Del Carmen: Mayan ruins more than 12 centuries old and unforgettable vacation memories

Located in Mexico on the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen is famous for its Mayan ruins which are more than 12 centuries old.

Legacies of this civilization can be seen both in Playa del Carmen and in nearby Tulum. We have a packed itinerary of activities at Playa del Carmen and this is one stopover along your Caribbean cruise that is really worth leaving the ship for. Check our programme of excursion packages for the latest outings which also guarantee you the best deals on day trips.

Nature lovers can treat themselves to an once-in-a-lifetime experience and choose from two ‘swimming with dolphins’ encounters which allow you to get close to these wonderful, communicative mammals.

There is nothing quite like a horseback ride along a Caribbean shoreline to capture a true holiday sensation of freedom, and Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to do this.

Create other unforgettable vacation memories on a jungle hike, where you can swim at a secluded beach and trek through the rainforest, marveling at the vibrant flora and fauna. Fans of water sports are spoilt for choice with a reef snorkeling and catamaran adventure, or kayaking in a clear-bottom boat.

City-lovers may prefer the glitz and glamour of Cancun, whilst history buffs can experience the world-famous Mayan ruins with a guided tour of the walled city of Tulum with its temples and cryptic hieroglyphics.

So, leave your luxury cruise ship for the day and come ashore for a sensational and memorable time.

Book your cruise to Playa del carmen Mexico with MSC Cruises today!

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