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Guadeloupe is an archipelago of islands located in the Caribbean Sea and part of the Republic of France. Find the perfect Caribbean Cruise to Guadeloupe with MSC Cruises.
Guadeloupe is part of the EU and the local currency here is the Euro. Guadeloupe is made up of two sections: ‘Grande Terre’ and Basse Terre’, which are bisected by a salt channel.

The climate on Guadeloupe remains steady year round, with average temperatures ranging between 75 and 81 degrees. Culture, music, football and fashion are all strong elements of Guadeloupe life and the island has given birth to several major literary talents including the Nobel Prize-winner (1960), Saint-John Perse (the cruise terminal is named after him!). The music here, a seductive fusion of French, African and Indian roots gave rise to ‘zouk’ – which means ‘party’ in Creole.

Many of the world’s best football stars, including Thierry Henry, have a strong connection to Guadeloupe. With many foodstuffs such as bananas, pomegranates, squash and sugar, not to mention rum grown on the island, the local cuisine is rich and varied, with influences that mirror its heritage, so you’ll find French as well as African and East Indian.

You can spend your day away from the ship visiting the colonial buildings of Point-a-Pitre, a large town in the middle of the island.

Our excursion packages include a guide of the town and a chance to stop off at one of the local handicrafts markets, ideal for souvenirs of your vacation. Ask us about our great deals on trips further afield such as snorkeling and island hopping.

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Point-à-Pitre is a well developed, cosmopolitan city packed with museums, interesting public buildings, markets, and an historic old port.
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