Cruises to the Dominican Republic

Discover the home of merengue in the Dominican Republic on a luxury Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises. Find the perfect Caribbean Cruise to the Dominican Republic.

Imagine the azure waters of the Caribbean plus the rhythmic sounds of merengue and you’re in one of our premium cruise locations: the Dominican Republic.

Having been discovered by Columbus in 1492 on his first voyage of discovery, the beautiful island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles was initially settled by the Spanish, as can be seen most clearly in Santo Domingo’s historical Zona Colonial, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dominican Republic is a nation of contrasts: fairytale beaches on the coast and dense forestation inland, the Caribbean’s highest peak, Mount Pico Durate, plus its lowest point at Lake Enriquillo and finally, the upbeat, happy sounds of merengue – the Dominican Republic’s national dance – and the poignantly romantic bachata style. All of these elements combine to form a unique Caribbean cruise experience that MSC Cruises brings you with all the added luxury you might expect from one of our sumptuous ships.

Let us take you on the cruise of a lifetime – far away from the same old same old of everyday life. We at MSC Cruises are dedicated to ensuring our holidays give you nothing but enjoyment. Whether you choose to relax on some of the island’s gorgeous beaches, explore the lovely coastal resorts of Santo Domingo or La Romana or yet want to venture further afield and visit the offshore island of Saona to snorkel or spot wildlife, you can be sure MSC Cruises delivers the sort of vacations you will always want to remember.

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La Romana is a resort town positively made for holidays, fun and relaxation...
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The historical city of Santo Domingo offers beautiful architecture, fabulous beaches and the wonderful Parque Mirador Sur