Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands lie in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and west of Jamaica. MSC Cruises travels to the largest island, Grand Cayman and its capital, George Town.

The Caymans are widely recognized as the epitome of Caribbean island paradise, surrounded by warm aqua oceans that lap on white sandy beaches and the picture postcard bent palm trees.

Popular with honeymooners, the Cayman Islands are ideal for all holidaymakers and a cruise vacation is the ideal way to make the most of this beautiful part of the world. The climate remains steady year round, with average temperatures of a balmy 25 degrees, perfect for both sightseeing and sunbathing!

Still governed by Great Britain, the local language is English although the currency is the Cayman Islands dollar. Seven Mile Beach on this island is one of the most famous not only in the Caribbean, but in the world, renowned for its beauty. Open to the public, vacationers can stroll the entire length of this stunning coral and sand beach.

Nature-lovers will appreciate the famous sea turtle farm in George Town, the only one in the world. Fans of water sports will be in heaven here, with visibility sometimes possible to 150 feet, this is a great place to try underwater photography.

We organize a range of excursion packages; join us on a day off the ship as we help you take advantage of the best deals and top sights to help you get the most out of your cruise vacation in the Cayman Islands.



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