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Paradise is only a cruise away – visit the Caribbean island of Bonaire with MSC Cruises.
Book yourself a dream holiday on a cruise to Bonaire and beat the blues with MSC Cruises where sunshine, sand and the deep blue Caribbean Sea await you. Lying just off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea is the island of Bonaire, one of the Leeward Antilles that politically belongs to the Netherlands. Year-round sunshine and ever-blue skies, tempered by refreshing trade winds, make for fabulous holidays on board one of MSC Cruises’ luxury liners. One a Msc Cruise to Bonaire you can discover the coral reefs surrounding the island have made the entire coastal region a protected marine sanctuary with an abundance of aquatic wildlife, including seahorses that make it a favoured location for snorkelers and scuba divers. The fact that Bonaire number plates even officially bear the logo Divers’ Paradise tells you almost all you need to know.


Cruise to Kralendijk - Bonaire - Caribbean - MSC Cruises
The name Kralendijk is Dutch for “coral dike”, an apt moniker considering the wealth of coral reefs surrounding the entire island.
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