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San Sebastian de La Gomera

Escape to the sunshine of Spain’s Canary Islands with MSC Cruises on a Mediterranean cruise bound for San Sebastián de la Gomera.

Explore the port of San Sebastián de la Gomera with MSC Cruises on a Mediterranean cruise to Spain’s island of La Gomera

Escape to the sunshine of Spain’s Canary Islands with MSC Cruises on a Mediterranean cruise bound for San Sebastián de la Gomera.

Since the yearly sunshine that graces the Canaries cannot be bottled, you’ll just have to let MSC Cruises acquaint you with Mediterranean luxury on a cruise vacation to La Gomera and its capital, San Sebastián de la Gomera.

The town’s appealing historical quarter is a pleasure to explore on foot, with shaded plazas and pedestrian-friendly streets that once welcomed Columbus when he stopped to pick up victuals, including the same type of goats’ cheese still produced on the island today, on his voyage of discovery. Other Gomeran specialities to sweeten or hot up your holiday include palm honey and the spicy almogrote cheese spread.

Apart from beaches and water sports facilities, La Gomera’s main must-see is the central Garajonay National Park, a 40-km² area of great biodiversity. Ideal for outdoor pursuits, the park features countless trails from the lower pine woods right up to the laurisilva cloud forest at an elevation of nearly 1,500 m.

La Gomera’s deep ravines have also given rise to a unique whistled language, called silbo. Ancient in origins and widely practised in the days before telephony, the language is experiencing a revival since it became an official part of the island’s school curriculum.

Further up in the north, dense banana plantations are lovingly hand-tended on equally hand-built terraces, while Los Órganos, amazing ocean-pounded cliffs resembling organ pipes, can be visited by boat at the island’s northernmost tip.

Let MSC Cruises pamper you in Mediterranean style as you cruise to Spain’s Canary Islands and San Sebastián de la Gomera. Booking your holiday is as easy as making a call.

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