Arrecife is a city in the Canary Islands situated on the east side of the island of Lanzarote.

An extraordinary scenery due to its volcanic origin

Arrecife is a city in the Canary Islands situated on the east side of the island of Lanzarote. Arrecife has been the capital of Lanzarote since 1852.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote is the most north-eastern of the Canary Islands and is just 115 kilometres off the coast of Africa, hence its year-round dry, mild climate. Holiday-makers will be struck by Lanzarote’s incredibly unique landscape, which is not only unusual compared to its neighbouring islands, but to anything else in the world! Its extraordinary scenery is due to its volcanic origins; large parts of the island are covered with ashes and lava, and Lanzarote's inhabitants have successfully cultivated the rich, fertile soil.

This is why today visitors will frequently see large, lush plantations of fruits and vegetables. Of particular note is the region of Geria, with vineyards nestling between volcanic craters. We recommend that cruise passengers join us on the tour to the Timanfaya National Park where they can see the splendours of these ‘moonscapes’ at their best.

Other great day trip ideas, ideal for nature-lovers, include a visit to Jameo del Agua, a complex of intriguing cave formations. Make the most of your time off ship and choose from our great day trip deals and excursion packages ; take a relaxing tour round Arrecife or add an educational element to your vacation and learn about the island’s famous architect, Cesar Manrique, viewing his works.

Return to your luxury MSC cruise ship invigorated and with the pleasure of having experienced one of the most unique landscapes on earth.

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Ships dock at the cargo docks at Muelle de los Marmoles Port, about a 30-minute walk from Arrecife town centre. Shuttle services operate into the town centre.

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