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A family company based on family values, MSC’s social priorities are children, families, and education. The company contributes to both international and local charity organizations working hard in these areas, most notably through its important partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Our commitment

Brazil is not only the biggest and most populous country in Latin America, it is also one of the 11 most unequal countries in the world, with alarming levels of poverty in the favelas of the major metropolitan centres. As market leader in Brazil, MSC Cruises demonstrates its commitment to the local community through an important alliance with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), launched in 2009.

The power of education

MSC Cruises believes that education is the key to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in Brazil and that education is both a basic right and a force for change able to reduce early pregnancy, HIV transmission and child mortality, while combating social inequality and enhancing community cohesion.

Which is why MSC Cruises is supporting UNICEF and the UNICEF Urban Platform Initiative project which helps address structural and social inequalities in 94 favelas in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, giving the children the chance to receive the schooling they need to build a better future.

What you can do

MSC and UNICEF’s partnership is based on the “Get On Board For Children” initiative, which relies on donations generously made by guests cruising abroad all ships of MSC Cruises’s fleet.

MSC Cruises’ guests are invited to get on board for children and make a difference by offering a small donation in addition to their cruise fare. This can be as little as €1 which can simply be added to the bill at the end of their cruise. UNICEF products are also sold on board the MSC fleet, and the money raised from these sales is given to the project. To date, 2 million euros have been raised for the project.

For more information and to read about the project’s achieved goals, please visit