Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the westernmost capital city in Europe.

Fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean and over 20 centuries of history

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the westernmost capital city in Europe.

With its sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and over 20 centuries of history, there is no shortage of landmarks to visit in this beguiling holiday town. From gothic to post-modern, the city’s rich cultural history envelopes you as you stroll the streets under one of the most comfortable year-round climates.

With its elegant squares and the distinctive character of intriguing districts such as Alfama and Baixa, Lisbon’s atmosphere is more sunny and cheerful than its melancholy musical heritage of Fado folk songs would have you believe!

Discover the gigantic Christ King (Cristo Rei) statue overlooking Lisbon from the Tagus River, and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, one of the longest structures of its kind in Europe.

You will have much to pack into your day away from ship once your luxury MSC cruise liner has docked.

To help you plan your time, choose from our varied program of excursion packages that offer great deals on local sights and attractions. Venture out of the city to the heritage village of Sintra to view the Royal Palace or to the holy city of Fatima where the Virgin Mary appeared in a vision in 1917.

Good food and wine abound in this region (Portugal is home to the famous Porto wines, after all), so it is worth joining our winery tour.

Remember, no vacation in Portugal is complete without sampling the delectable traditional pastries, from custard tarts to the cinnamon-infused Pasteis de Belem!

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Ships dock at the Port of Lisbon close to the downtown area and about 4 miles from the old section of Lisbon. The port is also quite close to the Lisbon International airport for those either embarking or disembarking in Lisbon. Transportation between Portugal’s city center and the cruise terminal is easily accessible. Terminal Address: Estação Marítima da Rocha; Rocha Conde D’Óbidos; Lisboa, Portugal.

Port average temperature

Lisbon has a Mediterranean climate that is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream, giving it one of the mildest climates in Europe. The city is sunny throughout the year, with an annual average of 2900–3300 hours of sunshine.

Summers are hot and dry with average daytime temperatures of 26–29°C, falling to 16–18°C at night. Winters are cool and rainy with temperatures around 8–15°C, while spring and fall are generally mild, or even warm during daytime. Extreme temperatures may reach 37°C or more in some of the warmest summer afternoons and 2°C in the coldest winter mornings.

From May to September the weather tends to be settled most of the time with blues skies and some wind as well. Annual rainfall is around 700–750 mm, spread over 100 rainy days, mostly from October to May.

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