Land of fjords and glaciers, lakes and mountains, wooden fishing villages and legendary myths, Norway is a beautiful country in northern Europe and one of the most popular holiday spots for cruise passengers.

For cruise ships, Norway is hugely convenient, thanks to its myriad of waterways, harbors and lakes. MSC cruise ships travel to Norway, calling at a whole host of destinations including the capital city, Oslo, Bergen which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Stavanger, Flåm, Hammerfest and Geiranger, Honningsvaag, Kristiansand, Leknes, Molde, Tronheim, and Olden. Each will seem more beautiful than the last, and all have something to offer every guest, from keen walkers to families with young children.

History permeates Norway, and the times of the Vikings will be a major draw for many cruise travellers. Vikings monuments and settlements still remain and can be visited all over the country. If you travel north – perhaps to Hammerfest – you may witness the Northern Lights, nature’s weird and wonderful light show that takes place in the winter months.

From quaint mountain farms to wonderful boat rides into the fjords, to energizing treks with waffles and hot coffee up the mountains to travelling on Europe’s most spectacular railway (Flåm), Norway is a truly magical cruise holiday destination.

We guarantee to make your vacation memorable through our special excursion packages that really offer the best of what’s on in each of our destinations, helping you discover this great country.



Cruise to Hellesylt-Geiranger - Norway - MSC Cruises
Hellesylt is a beautiful tiny ferry port on the magnificent Geiranger fjord and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in western Norway.
Cruise to Oslo - Norway - Norhen Europe - MSC Cruises
Oslo is a relaxed city that boasts world-class cultural amenities and great shopping all set against an eclectic architectural backdrop.